Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my domicile

last night..is a quiet night. it was 11 o'clock in the evening.. i can't sleep. hours pass very slow,, everyone is a sleep. i can hear them snore., i can hear the ticking of the clock.. my heart beats fast. half an hour passed,, still i can't sleep.. can't grab some milk ,, can't even go down to the kitchen. i'm scared. i don't know why. it was very quiet. and something in me ordered my feet to go in the ro0f top. i went to the dusty, dangerous, slippery roof.. to think what should i do,, to think if it's better to talk to him over the phone or act like nothing happened. reminiscing past,,i went up to gaze stars ..only to find out ..that it was a cloudy night. no stars. and after a few moment of thinking,, rain started to fall. that very moment, rain wet me up slowly,, and i can't move from where i am. in my silence , tears run down to my cheeks. as rain washed me up., my heart calmed for a while. as tears run down from my eyes,, i felt peace. rain turned to drizzle.. it was 12 in the midnight. it's time for me to go down and sleep. before i leave my domicile,, the moon smiled at me,, and stars showed up one by one.