Thursday, August 6, 2009


hark! i feel the pain badly,
sorrow runs into my veins....
my desire to be appreciated??
- it was never gone.
after how many years,
i tried to stand for my own
but never i was spared
at least a bit of affection.
i feel empty..!
alone, i am still alone.
it was him whom i
have been chosen to love..
a hypocrite gentleman Juan dela Cruz
with one in a billion opportunity.
i don't know how long and
how far this feeling could go.
being perplex and imbecile,
conscience often visit me,,
from somewhere to nowhere..
the mistakes i've done in my past
brought me here...
at least i became stronger..
but i never thought he''d act as if
he's a child...
a pretty immature boy..
there is nothing left..
everything we had was gone..

in the end, nothing is truly mine to keep.