Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Her Name is WILDA

“parating na si auntie dadang nyo, magpakabait kayo…”

In the back of my mind, Who’s she? Why does she seem so important? And then she came, walk straight in front of us and hugged everyone in the crowd. Saying “hello”, “how are u”, “I missed u”, “how’s life?”… She looks sophisticated. In her eyes I saw excitement. And then she walk towards me and said “Kamusta ka na nene? Ang laki mo na.” As I look at her eyes, I drew a fake smile to that stranger. And before I knew it, she left.
It happens every other year, for how many years, this stranger always came and makes things worthwhile. Same scenario happens every time she’ll be here… I’ll see the same face, hear the same words, and draw the same smile. But when I drew the same fake smile, this stranger smiled at me. A smile I never thought she’ll give me. That perfect smile without hesitation and pretention. Her face defines honesty. Her hair sways softly with the wind. I never saw someone who can move freely as she does. Her simple gaze bring smile to anyone’s face. Her aura tells everyone that “life is short, make it worthwhile.” And she left again.

After another year, they said she’s coming. I felt something different. Why am I excited to see her? And she walks in. I saw the same face, heard the same voice…hugged her differently and smile without a doubt. What’s going on? This stranger seem to be someone I want to know. Year after year, same scenario happens. And this scenario draw me closer to this stranger. Things happened fast. I don't seem to remember when is the first time i called her auntie. But this stranger took my heart...it's as if i am never restless when she's there.
...she's Wilda.