Friday, January 30, 2009

a good for nothing infatuation

ever wonder why we fall for someone who doesn't even deserve it?

...i'm finding it hard to act that i don't care,
where in fact i'm s0 w0rried about you..
...i can't find a way to tell myself that a stranger passed me by,
f0r we both know, those strangers c0me close t0 be l0vers..'s difficult for me to treat you as an ordinary schoolmate,
knowing that you are so dear to me.. tears me up inside when i saw holding her hands,
'cause that hands belongs to me..
...i don't know what to do when i need to avoid you,
but all i really want is to share the rest of my day beside you.. seems that i need to do things against on how i feel..

so i guess this is go0dbye...
and this g0od for nothing infatuation made me realize how f0olish i had become.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

._i Am miChelLe j0yZce_.

we cannot listen to what others want us to do..
we must listento ourselves..
we don't need to copy other people's way,
and we don't need to act out certain lifestyles
to impress other people..
only we know and only we can do what is right for us..
so start right now,,
you will need to over come many obstacles..
you will need to go against the better judgement of many people..
and you will need to bypass their prejudices,,
but you can have whatever you want
if you try hard enough start right now so that you can live a life..
designed by you and for you
..a better life you deserve
..i am michelle ,, i live my life to the fullest,, and i live with it like it's my last..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

nExt in liNe

another bible study group..
(fr0m left t0 right)
marjorie, alyza, joy, divine, vincent, nadine, and marineLa
(kua jessie of course at the back) this new set of kids..
i'lL d0 my best t0 lead them wherever they should be,,

Saturday, January 10, 2009

xigur0 nga kaxalanan co qng bakit wLa n xia..
n khet umiyak ac0,,
i will never change the fact that,,
i let him g0..
and now,,
i'm missing him badly...

please come back,,

Thursday, January 1, 2009


it seems that,, i'm wasting my time..and my life,, acting t0o childish.. being self-centered,, not minding others. asking "freedom" is just like,, asking something better for myself and nothing for others.. gets nyo ba???
there are things i must prioritize,, what's with the rush?? things can wait.. think openly,, go beyond the barrier .. my barrier.. why do i need t0 stay in this closed-space pLace???if i have my place out there...
i'm always askng for freedom.. but the truth is,, i already have it.. it's just that i can't use it wisely..and then i'm complaining that i'm stuck ,, here in this house(that i used to call "hell"),, now..i'm starting all over again,, but this time.. i have no regrets,, starting to love things that i used to hate,, starting to be true to myself.. (ang plastik ko kxe) ,, and being true made me realize that.. i don't need material things,, i don't need temporary enjoyment.. i want to enjoy this life,, the way it has to be..