Saturday, November 29, 2008

lEctuRe ni aTe,,

l0ve-begins with the experience of l0neliness..
i need m0re than eyes,, i need m0re than mind

i need an attitude, a heart that has br0ken away fr0m self-preoccupati0n..
“because 0f y0u, i understand the meaninglessness of my eg0”
i am n0t meant to be al0ne,, perhaps i can only be truly myself with you.
l0ve is effective. it takes acti0ns…
i have t0 break the pr0visi0nal structure i have given t0 my 0wn life,, and this is painful.
pain lies in aband0ning my ego., my self-centeredness.. but this d0esn’t mean t0 loss myself..
desire is essential but should never bec0me the m0tive f0r loving.
Am i l0ving n0t f0r what he is,,but f0r what can i get in return,,f0r myself’??
‘you’ is n0t ‘he’ or ’she’ i talk about. it’s n0t f0r 0ther self, but f0r you-whom-i-care about.
i presist in l0ving the 0ther inspite of pain., perhaps my l0ve is truly selfless. desire t0 be l0ved in return.
the experience of l0ving is painful., and it will take time f0r the l0ver t0 rec0ver.
painful experience of being rejected can be an emptying f0r oneself which w0uld all0w a r0om in 0neself f0r devel0pment..
there is n0 sh0p that sells l0ve…
t0 give myself is n0t s0 much t0 give 0f what i have as what i am and what i can become.
what d0es it mean t0 give myself’?? it means t0 give my will, my ideas, my feeling, my experience to the other - to give everything.., all that is alive to me.
l0ve is sharing myself t0 an0ther..
it is easy t0 l0vemankind(in general), but difficult t0 l0ve a unique pers0n.
t0 l0ve the 0ther, d0esn’t mean t0 impr0ve him..
‘y0u are beautiful…but empty,,‘ that’s what get..
l0ve thus inv0lves n0 abstacti0n. everything is c0ncrete. l0neliness, the absence 0f l0ve, lives am0ng shad0ws,. inv0lves that n0thing is real..
l0ve is t0tal, eternal, and sacred..
l0ve d0es n0t hurt. rejecti0ns d0.
we always have a ch0ice..
‘h0ld on‘?? or ‘let g0‘??
it’s y0ur decisi0n..

Friday, November 28, 2008


why do they hurt themselves?
is it really needed??
it won't even ease the pain they're feeling..
in fact they will hurt themselves even more..
why did mS. nice-looking simple neighbor turned out to be a emo,,?
and mR. right ran out of the school with cuts and bruises??
and they bLame LOVE because they were ignored by their loved-ones..
stupid beings..
they cLaim love as weakness..
because they can't see the beauty of love,,
the extreme feeling of sharing it to the other who doesn't even deserve it..
they blame love because their EGO (not feeling or something) hurts..
they don't look at the fact that it made them stronger..

bhes#1: joyzce,, tanga ba xia pra hindi malaman na nasasaktan ako? at tinatanong nea kung bkit ako ngseselos..malamang diba kxe boyfriend ko xia..thankful ako sknea kxe gnagawa nea akong manhid!! gnagawa nea akong malakas..

joyzce:alm mo bhes#1,, being numb and being strong is totally different.. cLaiming yourself as "manhid" means you gave up,, and you're a failure.. but cLaiming yourself as "malakas" means you can handle the situation,, na kahit sinasaktan a nea,, tinutuloy-tuloy mo yung laban dahil mahal mo xia..being numb is a weakness.. kea wg mong ssbihing manhid ka na dhil sknea,, kxe admit it or not nkikita ko n mahal mo xia..

most of the time..
a princess is asking for a prince charming to come..
a prince that's riding in a white horse..
a knight in shining armor..

and when the prince didn't come..
the beautiful princess will suddenly turn to a witch..
heartless and wicked witch (yung parang hindi nagsusuklay..)

and they will put the bLame to the prince,,
(sana dba,, ng-iisip xia..)

[enough for the fairy tale stories..]

ang mga babae kxe neun,
nghahanap prin ng prince charming..
umaasa n pag nsa pnganib xLa,,e may darating..
umaasa ng proper and nice treatment(prince kxe e)
bt d nLang xLa 2mulad xken(complement b to or wat??)
i'm waiting for a vampire in a shining silver volvo..
and i blieve,, that vampire is just somewhere near me,,
[tamaAn k sAna ^.^]because i don't want a "prince charming"
(magkakaron p ko ng dahilan pra mglit dun s prince charming n un pg d pla xia charming)
i'm not expecting a nice treatment from a vampire,,
in that case..
i won't be hurt..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

,,awesome first time..

let's make it short and simple..
..tagalog tau
bible study day neun..
peo wLa ung iba,,
edi,, sayang nman effort nila ate ayen,, kua deep, kua franz, ate jane, ate shin(<-kung anun mang spelling)
kua franz:evangelizm muna tau habang wLa sila,,
michelle,, nkikita mo un,,? practice k na..

xempre,, kung ndi neun,, keilan pa ,,?
ung sharing n dapat sandali lang,,
un ung ginawa nmen buong hapon..
after ng children's story telling s mga chikiting,,
lumipat kme s higher level..
ung mga taga theressa,,
named: eunice, regine(na-X daw ni to0t, tga vCa p man din,) at chini..
i can't believe that behind those pretty faces and beautiful smiles e
mei mbigat n problems pla ang mga kagandang dilag duon,,
after nun,,
nagtipon-tipon lahat ng tga-vCa n andun,,
keilangan n daw nlang umalis,,
,, energized p nman ako nun..
keia .. ako ung nagsagawa ng evangelization mag-1,,

kau hardeep: a very simple tip ... keep it simple

xempre, first time ,,kabado at excited..
nkita ko ung mga taga lourdes n minsan n nming nkitang
ngyoyosi at sasali sa frat,
opportunity grabber ang lola neu,,
nilapitan ko..
i met krystel and dianne..
ksing edad at k2lad ko din,,
halos ptapon n,,
ang pinagkaiba lang,,
i'm worse than them before,
isang patay n cristiano n binabato ng sandamakmak n problema,,
at isang unbeliever,, n parang wLang pkialam s sinasabe ko..
hindi ko ineexpect n ung mga babaeng un,,
e gusto rin pLang mabago,,
willing silang pumunta sa bible study at sa vCa enitime,,
and ,, tuwang tuwa sila..
dahil hindi nila inakala n sa pagtambay s park e mkikita nila kung anong hinahanap nila,,
wLa lang,,
tuwang tuwa lang ako,,
hindi ko inakalang sa unang sabak ko(ng mag-isa)
e mkikilala ko ung mga gnung klaseng tao,,
i felt so blessed!!

hallelujah Jesus!!
praise the Lord!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

vampire knight guilty,,

i want these gentle hands and these kind of smile..

i'll ignore everyone of them because all i want is you,,

i'll protect you,,

fLame of hEavens

shakugan no shana II
The world has been deceived from the truth. The Guze no Tomogara have been stealing human existence for selfish, power-fulfilling purposes. As a result, human beings become lifeless entities known as Torches. Their soul becomes nothing more than a candle in the wind and what's worse is that their identity is erased from the history of the world entirely when their flame goes out.

fLAme of heavens with shana and yuji sakai with the reiji maigo

Sakai Yuuji was just a normal high school student until he found himself caught in between an eternal struggle for power. On his way home one day, time came to a screeching halt. Yuuji scanned his surrounding, finding everything motionless. Without any given opportunity to assess the situation, Yuuji met face-to-face with demons that wished to rob him of his life. Before their plans had succeeded, a small-stature, sword-wielding girl with burning red hair and matching crimson eyes calling herself a Flame Haze came to his aid. The mysterious girl managed to win the battle, but Yuuji unfortunately became a Torch. However, Yuuji's flame did not extinguish days later. Rather, his flame regenerated at the stroke of midnight. Yuuji's rare ability labeled him a prime target for the Guze no Tomogara. In order to protect their reality and prevent the loss of more human lives, Yuuji joins forces with Shana the Flame Haze in her never-ending struggle.

Friday, November 21, 2008

open letter to limuel punzalan

dear angge,,
alam mo bang ikaw pa rin yung bestriend ko kahit binabalewala mo ko? alam mo bang mahalaga ka sakin,? alam mo bang nasasaktan ako pag kasama mong maglakwatcha sila chorva kahit ang sabe mo sakin bisi ka.. (sinumbatan?? peace tau aa.. n.n) eniweii,, at the same time,, i want to thank you,, saLamat (tagalog para mas sincere tignan),, salamat kasi sa kabila ng kapilyahan ko,, sa kabila ng mga panunumbat ko,, sa kabila ng pagsesels ko sa iba nating mga barkada,, lagi kang anjan pag kinakailangan kita,, remember ung posporo,,(haha!!naalala ko ulit).. sa pakiki-ride sa mga trip ko.. sa pangungunsinte mo sakin sa mga kalokohan ko salamat.. sa pag-advice sakin everytime na gumagawa ako ng mali..bakla ,, sorry kung minsan (i mean always) b.i. ako sau,, ginagawa ko naman lahat ng kaia ko para maging maaus e,, at nakikita mo naman yun diba..?pag mei probs, i'm just a call or e-mail away,, kung gusto mo,, punta ka nalang dito sa bahay,, welcum ka naman dito e,,
labxhou bakla..


,, pg ngrereport

i felt no one is listening when i'm in the middle of my report a while ago,, my report is very interesting,,(knowing that it is my favorite subject).. it's about the effect of pressure in solubility... but everyone has different stories to share,, badtrip! pag sila ung nagrereport,, nkikinig nman ako e,haixt!!

,, i miss the old times..

,,do you believe in "friends come and go" ??i miss 3R [raffy,rayden,rueno](crush nmeng tatlo) .. or (should i say ch.E.m. ??) ,, lakwatcha moments,, starbucks moments,, burger machine moments, tambay mode,, telebabad moments,, chorvalu s likod ng frenzy hauz,, "sikretong tagpuan" in joshua street.. sobrang nkakamiss,, lahat nag-iba,, lahat mei valid reason para iwan ung dating "samahan" ... how i wish it didn't end that way,,i'd rather turn back than to say goodbye..

kasi naman e,, bkit keilangan pang magkaganun..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"u" is quite far from "i"

Isn't it quite difficult?
to trust someone you shouldn't have to trust..
to share your life to him(or her) who doesn't care enough..
to love someone as your sister(or brother) when he(or she) hurts you a lot..
to treat him(or her) important and special although you're nothing for that person..

sa lahat ng bestfriend,,, deserving ba kau pra sa isa't-isa??
o naglolokohan lang kau ng harapan??

nakakainiz e,,
sa lahat ng tao,, bakit ung taong minahal mo higit pa sa mga taong nagmamahal sau??

ikaw mismo ung nananakit skin e?? kelan mo balak tumigil?? pg wLA n kong dugo??

well,, i guess,,
c'est la vie,,

u and i have 12 letters in between,,

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


anything wrong with that?
I'm addicted to these boys..
*lalush of code geass..
*yukito and
*eriol of card captor sakura,,
*masahiro of magical voice,,
*light yagami of death note,
*keitaro of love hinatain
*captain tezuka of prince of tennis
*yuji sakai and
*ike hayato of shakugan no shana,,

boys(anime) with eye glasses caught my attention easily,,[except kei yuji, light, and lalush..] .. ang cute kea!!

pinangarap kong maging anime nalang dati,, every anime has an interesting story.. "sana anime nalang din ako".. hiniling ko na sana hindi nalang talaga ako nag-exist .. ang babaw no??,, pero kasi pag magkita nyo ung nakikita ko sa anime,, baka sakaling magkasabay na tayong mangarap sa susunod... mei perfect love story..

you're giving reasons to think twice,,

i don't know what
to do with you boii,,

maganda ka 'teh ??

"cia,, ayan yung eye liner, tsaka press powder, sa drower ko mei eyelash curler ako,, yung lip gloss ko, tsaka eye shadow nasa bag ,, kasama pala nung eye lash curler ko yung consealer .. balik mo kung saan mo kinuha ah. una na ako sa SM,, paganda ka huh,, remember WALANG SPACE ANG PANGET SA MUNDO"

AH!!PESTE! hindi naman mxadong halata na sinasabi ni chorvah na panget ako,, db. p0rket mapute ka??? maganda ka teh???? e sinu nmang ngsabe sayo na gusto ko sa mundo mo??? i have my own world.. SO PLEASE,, stop acting that you're the only beautiful creature in this world!!! tinatago ko na nga yung pagmumukha ko e,, bat gusto mong iexpose ko? at ang shonga mo naman ata para makalimutan mo na allergic ako sa cosmetics.,, xhemaii!!

you're not that pretty,,
so don't go by the looks,,

Monday, November 17, 2008

saan ba nsusukat ang talino??

*pg ng-eenglish, japanese, chinese, latin, o french matalino na?
*pg wLang line of 7 sa report card matalino na?
*pg ksama sa top 10 matalino na?

ano ba ang basehan ng pagiging matalino?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

"i think, therefore, i am"

wLA lang ,,
ang ganda pakinggan e,,
this statement propose
that your existence is beyond reasonable doubt..
when people doubts,,
he thinks,,
when he thinks,,
therefore he exists,,

yan ung pumasok sa isip ko e,,

mei iba bang explanation bukod jan?
(baka mali ung explanation ko ,, nkakahiya)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

,,after 2 months,,

another blog,,
after 2 months
i decided to make another entry..
ang hirap mag-english!
tagalog tay0,,
matapos ang dalawang buwan,,
gumawa ulit ako ng blog,,
masyado akong naging bisi sa livejournal,,
hindi ko napagtuunan ng pansin ang
account ko sa blogspot,,
matap0s ang 2 buwan,,
ganun parin,,
wala pa rin akong maisip,,

hanggang dito nlang,,
m.k.d.m.p.a.(<=tgalog version ng t.c.c.i.c.)